Voigt Family Fashion Collection

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The Voigt Family Fashion Collection contains over 600 items of personal dress dating from the 1880s to the 1970s worn by one generation of the family. The collection was previously stored in the attic of the family's historic home that is owned by the Grand Rapids Public Museum. It was rehoused, cataloged, and photographed in our online database as part of the Institute for Library and Museum Services Museum's for America collections stewardship grant, 2016-2018.  These garments were worn by members of the Voigt family, an upper-class family of successful and well-dressed businessmen and socialites in Grand Rapids. This unique collection contains everything from wedding and fancy dress to men's suits, accessories and rare special function items such as athletic wear or garments typically worn privately in the home. The collection features garments purchased in Grand Rapids and other cities in the Midwest such as Chicago where the family made many purchases from Marshall Field and Company. 
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