Clara Voigt Hake

1868 – 1952
Clara Voigt was born in Michigan City, Indiana in 1868. She was the traveler in the family. On September 12, 1893, she married Dr. William F. Hake, a prominent physician in Grand Rapids. During their marriage the Hakes traveled extensively, enjoying trips in Michigan and around the United States, frequently accompanied by her sister, Emma. One of their most extravagant trips was the trip to Europe in 1900. For seven months they visited the countrysides and cities of western and eastern Europe; one of the stops on their itinerary was Mr. Voigts birthplace in Germany. The Hakes were married for 25 years when Dr. Hake died in 1919.  Clara continued to be the well-traveled family member after his death, visiting places all over the United States. Moreover, she returned to her parent's home and resided there until her death in 1952.