Turner, Aaron B.

August 22 1822 – June 9 1903
Aaron B. Turner (August 22, 1822 - June 9, 1903) was born in Plattsburg, New York. His family was some of the first pioneers to arrive in Grand Rapids in 1836. At a young age, Turner went to work at Grand Rapids first newspaper, the Grand Rapids Times and went on to a distinguished career as the editor of the Grand Rapids Eagle newspaper. In 1843 he married a Miss Sibley, and had several children. In 1850 he became the first City Clerk for the newly incorporated City of Grand Rapids. He also designed and engraved the City Seal for Grand Rapids. Turner was involved in politics, and identified with anti-slavery elements of the new Republican Party as early as 1854.  Later in life he was known as a sportsman interested in hunting and fishing, as well as an amateur artist of some talent. Turner died at the age of 80 after sustaining serious injuries falling from a streetcar in Cincinnati.