Charles "Carl" Gustav Adolph Voigt

circa 1847 – 1908
 Charles (Carl) Gustav Adolph Voigt was born December 5th, 1833 in Saxony, Prussia.  He was the oldest of the five sons of August Adolph and Johanna Wilhelmina Voigt. In 1847 the family immigrated to the United States, settling on a farm near Michigan City, Indiana. Charles’ father and mother lived until 1852 and 1853 respectively. By 1856 Charles had married Virginia Bateman Phillips, four years his senior. They had two children, Johanna and Charles Bateman. The daughter and mother died by 1859. The son lived to age seven, dying in 1865.  Charles married Elizabeth Wurster who was eight years his junior in 1860. Together they had nine children, three of which died in infancy: Oscar (1863), Clarence (1864), and Lilly (1879-1880). The other children included Frank (1861-1927), Clara (1868-1951), Emma (1870-1953), Amanda (1873-1963), Carl (1874-1958), and Ralph (1882-1971). The second generation of Voigts, from the birth of the first child by Mr. Voigt's first marriage to his last child’s death had spanned 114 years. 

In 1895 Charles hired William G. Robinson to design his retirement home on 115 College Avenue Southeast. It was inspired by the chateaux at Chenoceaux, France. He lived in this house until he passed away in 1908.