Emma Voigt

1870 – 1953
Emma Louise Voigt was born in Michigan City, Indiana in 1870 and moved into the College Avenue house in 1896 with her parents. She never married and lived there until her death in 1953. When Emma's sister Clara moved back to the family home after her husband, Dr. Hake died, the two sisters were once more together at their parent's home. To them fell the responsibility of running the house, especially after their mother's death in 1929. Emma played the piano and played Mendelssohn's Wedding March from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" when her oldest brother, Frank, was married in 1886 at the Court Street home. She graduated from Central High School in the "Elective Course" in 1887. Moreover, she was a member of the 25th graduating class of the Grand Rapids Public Schools.
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