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September 19 1866
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Gift Of Mccrath, Robert J.

McCrath, Captain John W.
John Wood McCrath was born September 3, 1837, in Genesee County, Michigan. He entered the Union Army on September 12, 1861, as a Second Lieutenant at the age of 24. During the Civil War, he served on the First Michigan Engineers and Mechanics Regiment and was promoted to Captain on May 11, 1863. In 1865, he was mustered out and honorably discharged.
After his service, McCrath engaged in business ventures in Atlanta, Georgia, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, before eventually moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he served as a city alderman. He was later appointed to the Board of Managers for the Michigan Soldiers’ Home. John McCrath died on February 8, 1910 of a stroke. He is buried in Garfield Park Cemetery in Grand Rapids. 

McCrath, Robert J.