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Middle Eastern ➔ Clay Tablet

Reddish, rectangular clay tablet with 10-12 lines of cuneiform text on both faces and one side.;Translation needed for cuneiform text.;Jokha is the modern site of the ancient Sumerian city of Umma, and is dated to about 2350 BC--or early in the Ur dynasty (2400-2100 BC). The object is a messenger tablet, so named because it kept track of food and produce allowances given to temple messengers before they left on journeys--including oil, wine, butter, and grains. The tablet was then kept at the temple while the messengers were gone. Upon their return, their remaining supplies were compared with the original amounts written on the tablet, and the difference noted. In this way, the temple kept records of its expenditures.
Handwritten, Clay
1.5" h 0.95" w 0.7" d
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