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Medical ➔ Human Embryos And Fetuses (10)

Three human embryos and six fetuses: 1) 5 weeks; 2) 6 weeks; 3) 8 weeks/in utero; 4) 10 weeks; 5) 12 weeks/in utero; 6) 14 weeks/in utero; 7) 16 weeks/male; 8) 18 weeks/male; 9) 20 weeks/male. A tenth embryo/fetus is partially in utero and of unknown age (approximately 8-12 weeks?). The rectangular glass jar, glass lid, and wood stand for the 10 week fetus from the original Wonder of Life exhibit accompany the specimens.;(Developing humans are referred to as embryos for the first two months. From the third month to term they are fetuses.) See accession file for details on individual specimens, history, and treatment.
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Gift Of Collosi, Dr. Harrison S.

Wonder of Life ()
Collosi, Dr. Harrison S.