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European ➔ Suit Of Armor With Chain Mail And Sword

A complete suit of 16th century German armor consisting of an armet (head) with a pierced visor, colletin (neck), spaulders (shoulders), besagews (armpits), backplate (back), a peascod breastplate (chest) with taces and tassests, vambraces (forearms), gauntlets (hands), cuisse, (thighs), greaves (shins), and sabatons (feet).  A small skirt of chain mail protects the groin.  Also includes a four foot long sword with a double ring guard and chiseled pommel.

By the time this armor was manufactured and used in the 1500s, it was highly impractical for battle in a world where firearms were becoming more and more common.  The full suit weighs around 50 pounds, and is constructed to protect the wearers from direct head-on blows, as it was likely used for recreational jousting.

The armor was purchased by Mr. Hollis S. Baker, Vice President of the Art and Museum Commission and President of the Baker Furniture Company, on April 25, 1951 at the Parke-Bernet Galleries of New York City.  It was previously part of the collection of Ansel S. Leo.
1501 – 1600
7" h 26" w 24" d
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On Loan
Gift Of Hollis S. Baker
Kent Scientific Institute ()

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Baker, Hollis M.
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