Archival Collection #040 - William F. Adams
Archival Collection #040 - William F. Adams

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Archival Collection #040 - William F. Adams consists of 29 photographs associated with William Franklin Adams, 1883-1967. The photos depict various settings related to the lumber and logging industry in Western Michigan (specifically that occurring in the Grand River Valley around what was Slocum's Grove, a small logging site approximately 20 miles northwest of Grand Rapids). Visuals include a general store interior, sawmill interiors and exteriors, sawmill workers, logging camp scenes, cola/drying kilns, log stacks, horse-drawn wood trucks, and logging and mill crew group shots. In addition, the collection includes a Christmas photo of William F. Adams' parents, William Ralph and Nettie, dated 1925, taken at their farm in Mecosta, MI.

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1883 – 1967
1" h 8" w
In Memory Of Franklin L. Adams

Buddy J. Adams

William Adams And Company
William Adams And Company made earthenware pottery in a variety of styles. 
  • William Adams (I) 1745-1805, of Greengates, Tunstall
  • William Adams (II) 1748-1831, of Brickhouse, Burslem and later Cobridge Hall, Cobridge
  • William Adams (III) 1772-1829, of Stoke-on-Trent. Important also was:
  • William Adams (IV) 1798-1865, of Greenfield, Tunstall, son and successor to William Adams III

William Franklin Adams
William F. Adams' parents, William R. and Nettie, moved to Mecosta, MI from the Horsehead Lake region of northern New York. William R. also worked in logging camps, losing 3 fingers in a shingle mill. William F. married Margaret Eleanor Smith (1885-????), of Newaygo and the both worked in logging camps before retiring to a farm 3 miles north of Mecosta. Maragaret Adams was still alive at the time this collection was processed, aged 105, and living in Orlando, FL. Photos were passed on to Henry Franklin Adams, (1907-????), Buddy Junior Adams (1940-????), and to the Public Museum through Gerard Matthew Adams. Henry F. Adams spent much of his youth in logging camps, by that time (1910s) a rapidly declining industry because of the depletion of the natural resource.