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This toy laundry set consists of seven pieces that include a washing machine, a wicker laundry basket, a washboard, a clothesline, clothespins, a washtub, and a stand. It was manufactured by Wolverine Supply & Manufacturing Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the front of the washing machine reads "Sunny Suzy, Washing Machine". It was used by the donor's family. 
circa 1930
Metal, Tin, Wood, Rubber
9" h 13.5 | 10 | 4.5 | 10.5 | .75 | 6.5 | 9.5" w 6 | 8 | .75 | 14.75 | .5 | 2.75 | 4" d; 8"" h 7"" w 14"" d
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Gift Of Marilyn Gubbins
Grand Rapids Cleans Up ()
Wolverine Toy Company
The Wolverine Toy Company was founded as the Wolverine Supply and Manufacturing Company in 1903 by Benjamin Franklin Bain. The company originally manufactured household supplies and kitchen tools but after obtaining the Sand Toy COmpany in 1909 they began to produce toys as well. They were known for "Sandy Andy" and "Sunny Suzy" toys. The company stopped producing toys around 1970. 

Marilyn Gubbins
Marilyn Shaw Gubbins was married on November 21st, 1953 at Messiah Lutheran Church.
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