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Theater Organ, The Mighty" Wurlitzer"

This organ was originally manufactured and shipped as the Wurlitzer 3-manual special organ, Opus #1836. It includes the following 29 ranks of pipes, 7 tuned percussions, 15 traps and effects, and a 20 horsepower blower. The console includes three keyboards plus pedals, 380 stops and controls, a digital stop combination action, a digital relay computer, a transposer, and a digital organ record & playback system.

This organ was originally used for over three decades in the Stanley Theater in Jersey City, New Jersey. In the mid-1970s it was moved to Grand Rapids and installed in the Roaring Twenties Pizza Parlor, which later became Good Time Charley's Restaurant. When this restaurant closed, it was purchased and restored by the Organ Transplant Committee of the Friends of the Public Museum of Grand Rapids. It is now a major attraction and piece of programming equipment at the Van Andel Museum Center.
Wood, Metal, Plastic
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On Exhibit
Purchased With Funds From Friends Of The Public Museum Of Grand Rapids The Organ Transplant Committee

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Wurlitzer Organ Company

Quartell, Jack
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