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Food ➔ Lot of Log Ends and Log End Fragments

In the logging industry the log end contains “end marks”. This refers to the markings made at the ends of the logs to determine their ownership. The tool used to create these markings is called the stamp hammer. This way to identify the owner of logs was used in Michigan as early as 1842 to ensure logs went to the correct mill and the correct log owner received the profits. Every log owner had their own authorized marking and it was illegal to either change or destroy this marking. Unmarked logs were considered “prizes” and could be divided among the different owners in a region. Many of these markings did not survive, in this case though, the Museum acquired these log ends that were found and were likely cut off and then the logs stolen.
1880 – 1900
Gift Of Richard Freye
Science Tuesday - Watersheds (March 2017)
This event will showcase museum artifacts, including historic log ends and specimens of special species in our Grand River watershed. Learners of all ages will be invited to paint watercolor maps of the Lower Grand River watershed and view aquatic organisms, which act as indicators of water quality.
Freye, Richard
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