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Transportation ➔ Ford Model A, Popcorn Wagon

This Popcorn Wagon is built from an adapted Model-A Ford, which was introduced in 1928. It has a 4-cylinder, 200 cu. in., 40 h.p. engine, and a 3-speed transmission.

This Popcorn Wagon was owned and used by the Oumedian family in Grand Rapids and later at M.S.U. stadium during athletic games, to sell popcorn. Leo Oumedian was an Armenian immgrant who started selling popcorn on the weekends and during periods when there was little work at the furniture factory where he wroked. Other Armenian immgrants to Grand rapids also sold popcorn and soon came to dominate the industry. Leo joined forces with another Armenian Immgrant, Mike, a wagon and automobile body fabricator, and started created specialty trucks for popcorn vending. This wagon was used by Leo's son Jake to sell popcorn at all M.S.U. athletic events until the 1960s.

In the early 1980s the decayed remains of the wagon were purchased by Richard Collins and Doyle Stratton who began a many-year-long task of restoring it. Assisted by the 'Grand As,' a local antique car club, the popcorn wagon was restored to its original splendor.
circa 1930
90" h 68" w 156" d
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In Memory Of From The Collins Family Richard C. Collins

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Ford Motor Company
The Ford Motor Company of Detroit was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford and sold the first Ford Model A on July 23rd. By October 1, 1903, the corporation had already turned a profit of $37,000, propelling the business into an industry leader. Even now, Henry Ford is still known for bringing the integrated moving assembly line to auto manufacturing in 1913, accelerating the speed of production from 12.5 hours to 1.5, greatly lowering the cost. For the past 100 years, Ford Motor Company has rolled out patrol boats, armored tanks, and ambulances for the war efforts, as well as airplanes, pick-up trucks, and muscle cars.

Collins, Steven J.

Collins, Richard M.

Collins, David J.

Daniel G. Collins

Collins, Randall L.
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