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Toy Carpet Sweeper, 'dopey (walt Disney)'

  •  Rectangular tin and wood case has rounded sides. Four wooden wheels with rubber on rear two. Friction rotation. One hinged dustpan. Single brush. Nickel trim. Stencil: Dopey (Disney character) pushing sweeper, in yellow and red. Previous # T90.
  • When sweeper is pushed, first five notes of 'Whistle While You Work' are played. Printed on top: 'Musical Sweeper/Whistle While You Work/Works While You Play.'KANDL01
  • '100/Fisher Price Inc/Toys/Created at East Aurora, Erie County, N.Y./Made in U.S.A./@ Walt Disney Productions'. Printed in black on top.
  • Paper tag hanging by string "Bissell Carpet Sweeper" stamped on tag "Jersey City" written on tag "AUG 195_" stamped on tag.
  • Collected by Bissell in or before 1950.. KANDL01
  • Collected by Bissell in or before 1950.. Collected by Bissell in or before 1950..
  • 'Lift/[arrow pointing up]/to empty'. Carved into dustpan on bottom. |
circa 1950
Rubber, Tin, Wood
3.5" h 8.5" w 7.75" d
Current Location Status:
Education Program
Gift Of Bissell Incorporated

Investigate: Toys & Games (June 2018)
During the Investigate program, students will take the role of Museum curators and use close observation and critical thinking to discover the origin, meaning, and importance of real objects from the Museum’s Collection. Students will learn how to handle and study primary sources and will be pushed to consider how singular objects or groups of objects can tell meaningful stories about our place.

  • Students will be able to analyze primary sources (artifacts and photographs) and make inferences about the story or significance of the sources.
  • Students will make inferences about the value or learning lesson of various toys and games that have existed across time and cultures.
Curriculum Connections:
  • NGSS Science and Engineering Practices: Constructing Explanations; Engaging in Argument from Evidence
  • MIchigan K-12 Social Studies Standards: H2 Living and Working Together in Families and Communities, Now and Long Ago, G4 Human Systems, P1 Reading and Communication, P2 Inquiry Research and Analysis

Fisher-Price is an American company that produces educational toys for children and infants, headquartered in East Aurora, New York. The company was formed in 1930 and has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mattel since 1993.

Bissell Inc.
Bissell Inc. was founded in 1876 by Melville Bissell in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bissell was responsible for the invention of the carpet sweeper and built the company's first manufacturing plant in Grand Rapids in 1883. By the late 1800s, they were producing 1,000 carpet sweepers a day. When Bissell passed away in 1889, his wife Anna took over as CEO, making her the first female CEO in America. As the times changed the company began to manufacture vacuums and carpet shampoos. As of 2019, Bissell Inc. is still one of the leading companies in floor-care.