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Telecommunication ➔ Telephone

Western Electric Model 500, Beige plastic phone with push-button dial. Also includes original box.;This Western Electric model was a mainstay telephone for several decades (1950s - 1980s), first as a rotary dial and then as a push-button. Like its predecessor, the WE 302, it was a product of industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss. Similar sets were also produced by other manufacturers.
circa 1966
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Education Program;On Exhibit
Gift Of Michigan Bell Telephone Company
Science Tuesday: Telecommunication (April 2017)
Science Tuesdays is an ongoing educational experience, offering science programming based on changing themes each month. Science Tuesdays take place throughout the day on Tuesdays at the Museum and include a variety of activities and interactive displays.

TOYS! (2018 – 2019)
The Grand Rapids Public Museum will present an interactive, multi-generational exhibition of toys and games sure to rekindle childhood memories and spark the creation of new ones.  This GRPM original exhibit will feature toys and games from the museum’s collections in meticulously crafted displays representing childhood in different eras.
Western Electric

Dreyfuss, Henry

Michigan Bell Telephone Company
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