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Sound Communication ➔ Telephone, Wall

These are an early form of an intercom system. The boxes were wired together so people within the same building could speak to one another. These are good units to show the evolution of technology. There are three other intercoms in the collection. All are of a later date and none has the two units which show the way the intercom works in a building.

Two square wood phone boxes with two metal bells on top, mouthpiece in front, and movable hook on dexter side. Cotton covered cord coming from hole in bottom of box has round earpiece attached to ear. Earpiece hangs on metal hook on side of box. Two wires come out of hole on back.;Found at Blandford Nature Center.;1) 1) 'Western Electric/Inter-phone/PAT'D. in U.S.A. SEE DATES INSIDE' 2) 'BASEMENT 4 RINGS'. 1) Rectangular gold paper label attached to front of each box. 2) One unit only, partial paper label. |
circa 1915
Wood, Metal, Celluloid, Cotton
7" h 6" w 3" d
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Education Program
Museum Collection

Science Tuesday: Telecommunication (April 2017)
Science Tuesdays is an ongoing educational experience, offering science programming based on changing themes each month. Science Tuesdays take place throughout the day on Tuesdays at the Museum and include a variety of activities and interactive displays.
Western Electric