Gray Ratsnake
Gray Ratsnake

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Gray Ratsnake

Pantherophis spiloides
This gray ratsnake was salvaged by the Kalamazoo Nature Center and mounted for the museum's education collection by Waddell Creek Taxidermy. 

The gray ratsnake, Pantherophis spiloides, is the largest snake in the Great Lakes region and can reach up to 257 centimeters in length. They prefer forested habitats but can also be found in fields, marshes, and prairies. They are excellent climbers and often climb trees to prey on nestling birds or eggs. Ratsnakes can be found in Michigan’s southern lower peninsula but their numbers declining due to habitat loss. They hibernate in the winter, sometimes seeking shelter in burrows created by other animals. 


36" h 1.75" w
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Education Program
Gift Of Kalamazoo Nature Center

Discovery Kit: Zoology (October 25 2019)
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Virtual Discovery Kit: Zoology (April 2020)
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