Owl, Snowy, School Loan Collection
Owl, Snowy, School Loan Collection

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Owl, Snowy, School Loan Collection

Bird perched on branch body facing right, no mural, curved case.
1930 – 1980
26" h 18.25" w 13.25" d
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In Storage
Gift Of School Loan Collection

STEAM: Beyond Escher's Universe (November 16 2021)

M.C. Escher was many things: an artist, an astronomer, a mathematician, a traveler. Escher’s Universe, shown in the Chaffee Planetarium, explores Escher’s continuous search for knowledge and his unique ability to join science, math, and art. Following this one-of-a-kind art documentary, students will find inspiration throughout GRPM exhibits and Collections objects to create their own versions of Escher’s most iconic works–tessellations.



  • Students will be able to identify concepts and methods explored by M.C. Escher through his work.
  • Students will make observations and record examples of geometric patterns found throughout GRPM exhibit spaces.
  • Students will be able to transform a rectangle into a more interesting shape and create a tessellation-based art design.
Curriculum Connections
  • Michigan K-12 Mathematics Standards for Geometry (4th and 8th grade)
  • Michigan Merit Curriculum Arts Education: Visual Arts, Standard 2: Apply Skills and knowledge to create in the arts.

Andrea Melvin

School Loan Collection