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Furniture Industry Archives
Advertising ➔ Trade Catalog and Price List (Photocopy), Grand Rapids Fancy Furniture Company

84 pages. Includes Price List.
'Catalogue 1929-1930, Makers of Radio Cabinets, Ladies Desks, Ladies' Desk Chairs, Bookcases, Music Cabinets, Pianola Music Cabinets, Piano Benches, Flower Stands, Combination Bookcases and Desks, Spinet Desks, Reading Tables, Writing Tables, Table Desks, Book Racks, Cellarettes, Silver and Utility Cabinets, High Boys, Bedside Tables and Bookshelves'
Originally copy located at the National Museum of American History, Warshaw Collection.
1929 – 1930
11" h 8.5" w
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Grand Rapids Fancy Furniture Company
Grand Rapids, Michigan. Manufacturer of oak and mahogany benches, bookcases, cabinets, desks, and tables in Mission and revival styles. Acquired in 1940 by Metal Office Furniture Co. (Steelcase, Inc.) SEE ALSO Steelcase, Inc. The source, with permission of the author, is Grand Rapids Furniture: The Story of America’s Furniture City by Christian G. Carron, published by the Grand Rapids Public Museum. 1998.
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