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Camera, Spencer Full- Vue

A Bakelight camera that is a pseudo TLR.;A twin-lens reflex camera (TLR) is a type of camera with two objective lenses of the same focal length. One of the lenses is the photographic objective or "taking lens" (the lens that takes the picture), while the other is used for the viewfinder system, which is usually viewed from above at waist level. In addition to the objective, the viewfinder consists of a 45-degree mirror (the reason for the word reflex in the name), a matte focusing screen at the top of the camera, and a pop-up hood surrounding it. The two objectives are connected, so that the focus shown on the focusing screen will be exactly the same as on the film. However, many inexpensive TLRs are fixed-focus models. Most TLRs use leaf shutters with shutter speeds up to 1/500th sec with a B setting.;Mr. Myers spent thirty years building his camera collection. He found them around the Northwest in numerous locations and donated them to the Grand Rapids Public Museum so others could enjoy them as much as he did.
circa 1940
Bakelite, Metal, Glass
5" h 3" w 4.25" d
Current Location Status:
Education Program
Gift Of Michael Myers

Mike Myers