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Clothing and Accessories
Women's Clothing ➔ Ensemble

This ensemble consists of a bustled skirt, an underskirt, a bodice, and a jacket. The bodice has a standing lace collar and lace sleeves cuffs on the full sleeves. There are also crocheted buttons down the center front and darts in bodice, skirt, and underskirt. The skirt has box pleats and knife pleats at the hem and the underskirt displays a scalloped hem. The jacket has a bermuda collar with crocheted applique and glass beads. The sleeve cuffs are also made of crocheted applique. There are glass beads down the center front of the jacket and ties at the collar. The hem of the jacket also has elaborate crocheted applique that can also be seen at the center back. Features that indicate this dress is from the 1870s are the bustled skirt, the standing dress collar, the underskirt, and the crocheted applique. 

Due to the style, color, and time period this dress may have been worn during mourning. 
circa 1875
Cotton, lace, crocheted applique
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Gift of D. Bradford Apted

A Time to Mourn ()
D. Bradford Apted
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