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Advertising ➔ Crystal Flash Sign

Large outdoor sign is rectangular. Sign is white with words Crystal Flash in blue and behind these words a red neon lightning bolt diagonally, flashes.;The sign is an original working neon display sign from a Grand Rapids-based chain of gas stations and convenience stores.;Comment from a Museum visitor: "In 1949 my father, Carl Henry, along with his brother Paul, opened a Crystal Flash service station on the corner of 34th Street and South Division. It was the first multi-island station in Grand Rapids and one of the few stationed at that time that was open 24 hours a day seven days a week (24/7). It was at that same time that Fred Meijer opened his first grocery store in Grand Rapids just down the street on South Division. My father operated the station for several years before taking a position with the Company. He retired in 1988 as President of Crystal Flash. In any case the Sign in the Museum brings back memories of that Service Station which is now long-gone. There is probably no way of knowing if the sign on display is the same one used at the station but I would like to think so."
Metal, Glass, Electric Wiring, Neon
96" h 48" w
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On Exhibit
Gift Of Crystal Flash
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Crystal Flash

Crystal Flash