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Currency and Exchange Media
Maps ➔ Set Of Stamps Shaped Like Map Of Sierra Leone

Four postage stamps shaped like the map of Sierra Leone, issued in honor of John F. Kennedy. Denominations are 3D overprinted 2C; 4D overprinted LE1.00; 6D overprinted 15 C; and 1 overprinted 15 C. All are pre-gummed and are adhered to original paper backing.;Demonstrates unusual variety of stamp forms; shows how geography can be learned from stamps. Will be used in S is for Stamps.;Purchased by seller from Jamestown Stamp Co.;Purchased by seller from Jamestown Stamp Co.
Pre-gummed, Paper
1.75" h 1.75" w
Current Location Status:
In Storage
Purchased With Funds From Christian G. Carron
Related Entities:
Sierra Leone Postal Service (creator) Christian G. Carron (donor)