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Mammals ➔ Grizzly Bear

Large mounted male grizzly bear. Standing pose with mouth open. Base made to resemble rock.;The grizzly bear is one of the few remaining large predators in North America. This impressive male grizzly bear specimen was shot by the donor on a hunt in Alaska. Many of the Museum's natural science collections, including taxidermy mounts are old and in poor condition. This newly mounted specimen is in excellent condition, could easily be exhibited.;The donor shot and killed the bear on a hunt in Alaska. It came to the Museum from Legends Taxidermy in Scotville, Michigan.
circa 2010
86" h 36" w 36" d
Current Location Status:
Education Program
Gift Of Jimmy L. Barho

Big Stuff (November 12 2011 – February 29 2012)
BIG STUFF from the Permanent Collection
An inspired selection of favorites chosen by the Museum Staff

For more than 150 years, the Public Museum has been collecting STUFF.  We’re the keepers of important “one for the record books” stuff; quirky “what were they thinking” stuff; fragile “from a bygone era” stuff; patent-related “don’t forget whose stuff this is” stuff; small to the point of being overlooked stuff; and BIG “how did you get that through the door” stuff.  In short, we keep track of history through the physical objects our society has amassed along the way.  
But stuff requires more storage space than anyone cares to think about.  As a result, a mere 10% of the Museum’s collection is on display here at any given time.  This is our attempt to correct that.  We’ve pulled back the dust covers, opened the drawers and invited Museum staff members into the archives to vote on their favorites in one category - BIG STUFF.  Conjure up all the adjectives you can come up with to replace BIG, then have a look inside!

Legends Taxidermy

Barho, Jimmy L.
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