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Photograph, Hazel Nyblade

Photograph of Hazel E. Riley, nee Nyblade, in uniform during World War II.
1941 – 1945
7" h 5" w
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Gift Of David Zyfelt, And Molly Bolton In Memory Of Hazel Nyblade Robin Burns
V is for Veterans ()

NURSING: A Dynamic Profession (April 30 – May 29 2016)
As a tribute to nurses throughout West Michigan and around the globe, this exhibit celebrates this dynamic profession through artifacts from the GRPM’s Collections and our community partners. From nursing on the battlefield to the ICU, these past and present-day objects connect us to the profound impact nurses have had and continue to have on our lives.

With the health reform of the late 19th century, transforming hospitals from charitable hospices to therapeutic institutions, came a dependance on trained nurses. Nursing quickly became the largest workforce in the healthcare system and continue to be so today.
Nursing is a lifelong pursuit that requires great commitment to patient care and professionalism. Medical science is constantly evolving, thus the nursing profession is constantly changing and nurses must continue to train in new skills and technologies throughout their careers.The GRPM thanks nurses for all they do!

Burns, Robin; Zufelt, David; Bolton, Molly
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