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Telecommunication ➔ Radio, Transistor

Grey rectangular box with gold patterned speaker grill and tuning meter on front, and two dials for tuning and volume on the piece's left side. Folding easel stand on reverse. Jack for earphone plug on piece's right side. Powered by batteries.  Transistor Radios such as this are important stepping stones in the progression of 20th century personal and consumer electronics. It can be used to illustrate typical personal devices from the 1960s, or for discussion of the evolution of consumer electronics in exhibitions.

The transistor radio was invented in 1947 and mass produced in 1954 by WilliamShockley, Walter Houser Brattain, and John Bardeen at Bell Laboratories. It was a popular device because it was one of the first communication devices that was truly portable due to the addition of battery power. These transistors differed from the radios made before because they did not require a wall connection to be operated, making listening to music and radio convenient. Transistor radios such as this were important in the progression of 20th­century’s personal and consumer electronics and could be considered the iPod of the 20th century. The transitor radio represents the beginning of the desire for portable, convenient technology for access to new and entertainment.
1960 – 1970
Plastic, Brass
Gift Of Phil And Joyce Makinen
Broadcast Camp (2011
Experience the excitement of TV and radio careers with the staff of WGVU.  Tour the studio, work with broadcasting professionals and learn the history of television, radio and WGVU in this exciting camp.

Science Tuesday - Science of Sound (January 2017)
Featured artifacts demonstrate various sound technologies, emphasizing how they have changed over time. Visitors are invited to build their own harmonicas and play a variety of instruments, all while learning the physics behind how sound is produced.
Electric Company

Makinen, Joyce