Toy, Wonder Horse
Toy, Wonder Horse
Toy, Wonder Horse
Toy, Wonder Horse
Toy, Wonder Horse
Toy, Wonder Horse
Toy, Wonder Horse
Toy, Wonder Horse
Toy, Wonder Horse

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Toy, Wonder Horse

This toy is a small plastic horse mounted to a metal frame with four springs. A child could ride the horse and make it bounce up and down on the springs.;There is evidence that children have played with toy horses for centuries, and the Wonder Horse is just one example of the long evolution of the type. From a simple stick with a horse's head, to rocking horses, to the mechanical horse at every Meijer store, children have mounted up and pretended to ride off into the sunset or wherever their imagination took them. This Wonder Horse is believed by the donor to be an original model from c. 1950. It is a classic mid-century toy, and has the potential to be useful to the Museum for a variety of purposes including the interpretation of play, middle-class Americana, or as a piece in a period room.;This horse traveled many miles and was greatly enjoyed by Randall Montes. The original springs were bronze colored. The friction between the springs and the ring where it attached to the base caused the springs to thin and break. They were later replaced. (Recalled by Marilyn Monte, mother of Randall Monte).
circa 1960
Plastic, Metal
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Gift Of Randall Monte And Marilyn Monte;Photo Credit: Tom Wagner and ArtifactGR

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Wonder Products Company

Monte, Marilyn
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