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World Cultures ➔ Harp Lute

Long-necked lute with half-gourd resonator. Neck is wooden with twelve wooden straps that secure sinew strings at successive lengths to produce different pitches. Neck intersects belly, which is formed with a hide tightly stretched over the gourd using three crossed sticks. Hide attaches to gourd with iron tacks. Strings are suspended over belly on a wooden bridge. Intstument's colors range from ecru to beige.;This instrument complements the Museum's already significant collection of ethnographic instruments. It may be used in the permanent exhibition, 'Collecting A-Z: M is for Musical Instruments'.;Collected by the Musee de la Civilisation, and given to the PMGR along with the Nomads Collection.
circa 1990
Gourd, Leather Hide, Sinew, Wood, Metal, Cotton Cloth
Gift Of Quebec, Canada The Musee De La Civilisation
Museum School - Gourds as Musical Instruments (2015)
This music lesson will give students a true understanding of how gourds can be used as natural rattles, scrapers, resonators, or wind instruments. It is a hands-on experience and a true encounter with instruments from around the world made from natural materials.
Musee de la Civilisation