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Blue Morpho

Morpho peleides
The blue morpho, Morpho peleides, is a brightly colored butterfly that lives in warm tropical climates in Central and South America. Their wingspan ranges from five to eight inches and on its ventral side, the wings are colored brown with eyespots. This muted color helps to hide the morpho from predators while eyespots startle potential predators.

Blue morphos are frugivores and usually feed on decaying fruit. Like all butterflies, they go through the process of complete metamorphosis, hatching from pale green eggs, progressing through five larval stages, forming chrysalis', and emerging as fully formed butterflies.
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Discovery Kit: Zoology (October 25 2019)
Discovery Kits include a variety of artifacts and specimens from the Museum’s Collection that allow students to investigate global and local objects. The Collections support the Museum’s mission of inspiring curiosity and discovery around science, history, and culture. Each kit includes objects from the Museums archives, helpful resources and suggested activities. Discovery Kits are a great way for teachers to incorporate primary source and object-based learning into the classroom or as a way to prepare for or extend a Museum visit.        

Virtual Discovery Kit: Zoology (April 2020)
Zoologists and animal lovers alike can investigate unique animal specimens from habitats all around the world. Discover where these animals live, what they eat and what makes them special!