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Product Packaging ➔ Box, Lear Wire Recording

Clamshell box, blue and white with red, and reinforced corners. Inside is a part for a wire recording.;This box was designed to hold a products of an important local manufacturer. It is an accessory to the Lear Dynatrope in this same accession.;Box top is printed with 'THE WIRE THAT REMEMBERS/ LEAR, Incorporated, GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, U.S.A./ No. 12/ Trademark'.;Donor is the daughter of original owner, who worked for Lear, Inc. of Grand Rapids.
1946 – 1960
Cardboard, Metal
3" h 3" w 0.75" d
Current Location Status:
In Storage
In Memory Of Lorell Dale Doubledee
Lear Inc.
Lear Inc. was a company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It mainly produced aircraft components such as radios and electronic control systems, and briefly made radios for the home and audio recording wire. It was also a contractor for the United States Air Force.

Braunschneider, Darlene
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