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Science and Technology ➔ Crime Scene Forensic Investigation Kit Items: Mortar And Pestle, Samplish Dish, 2 Test Kits

a. White porcelain mortar & pestal. b. White porcelain sample dish w/ circular depressions for holding 12 liquid samples. c. Black rectangular case containing a field drug testing kit, with vials droppers and instructions. d. Vacutainer Blood Collection Tubes in cardboard container. e. Blowipe Disinfectant Cloths. f. Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit. A-C and D-F are in different locations in the Whodunit Exhibition. These following items were found with D-F, however the origins of these items are unknowns. "Biohazard tape, two racks containing various vials, small white box, plastic containers containing swabs.;These kits were used by the Grand Rapids Polic Deaprtment Criminal Forensics Laboratory to solve criminal investigations. They are currently part of the Whodunit Exhibition.;These items were used by the Grand Rapids Police Department Criminal Forensics Laboratory to collection criminal evidence.
circa 2000
Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Cardboard, Plastic
Current Location Status:
On Exhibit
Gift Of The Grand Rapids Police Department

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Grand Rapids Police Department
The Grand Rapids Police Department was formed in 1871 and began with a police chief and eight patrolmen. As of 2018, it consists of nearly 300 sworn personnel and around 100 civilian employees. It is the second largest municipal police department in Michigan.