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Farming Tools ➔ Cow Bell, Treichlen Type

Hammered steel bell rougly plated with brass, with large handle for strap collar that also holds the iron hammer on the inside. Decorative wavy line weld around body, and rough seams on each side.;This bell represents a unique tradition of Alpine Europe. It may be used in the permanent A-Z: M is for Musical Instruments exhibition.;stamped on bottom of bell lip, '58'.;Originally collected but not accessioned by the Musee de la Civilisation for an exhibition, then discarded as a prop. Sent to PMGR along with the NOMADS collection.;Used by Swiss farmers to locate their herds in Alpine pastures. Some sets of bells are tuned to each other, so cows can toll in harmony.;Originally all of the world's cultures started out with nomadic lifestyles, first as hunter/gatherers and later joined by seasonal gardeners and herdsmen. At the turn of the Millenium (1999-2001) there are few remaining nomadic groups, as most others have adopted or developed a sedentary lifestyle dependent on agriculture and/or trade.Four such remaining nomadic cultures were documented in 1991-92 for the 'Nomads' exhibition. At that time, the remaining nomadic people were increasingly encroached upon and restricted by sedentary settlers, roads, international political boundaries, and other developments.
Hammered, Steel, Brass
13" h 12.5" w 9" d
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In Storage
Gift Of Musee De La Civilisation
Musee de la Civilisation