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Decorative Arts
South American ➔ Elephant Figurine, Taqua Nut

Figurine of an elephant, carved from three joined tagua nuts The shells of the nuts forming the head and body of the elephant have been completely removed, revealing the smooth, ivory colored inner meat. The elephant's ears are also attached from separate pieces. The elephant has his head and trunk raised in the air. The third nut serves as the base, and has been polished and partially carved leaving some of the brown husk visible.;This carving demonstrates how substitutes for animal ivory like tagua nuts can be used to create beautiful carvings. Use of this product not only provides a safe substitute for the use of products from endangered animals, it also provides an economic insentive for rain forest residents to maintain rather than remove the rain forests. This carving will be used in the permanent Collecting A-Z: I is for Ivory exhibit.
circa 2001
Carved And Polished, Tagua Nut (ivory Palm Nut)
3" h 3.75." w 1.5" d
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