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Ottawa Foot Soldier Figure .7, Creche Or Nativity Piece

One of three soldier figures with spiked helmets (basis of group's date 1878-1898 when such helmets were in use at Mackinac.) One of 4 blue-gray figures this accession .7-.10. This figure can be distinguished from all others by its right arm which is extended forward as if in greeting. Arms are separate pieces of wood. These 4 figures are among 9 in this accession .7-.16 of similar color & scale with octagonal bases with beveled top edges. These two standing soldier figures have shorter coats than the other figures, and closely resemble Detroit Institute of Art 87.61 in color, body shape, leg attitude, and base.;See .1 this accession. This and .8 this accession closely resemble Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) #81.67 pictured in Great Lakes Indian Art, Penney, p.13, Art of the American Indian Frontier, Penney, p.247, and Art of the Great Lakes Indians, Flint Institute of the Arts, p. 109. Similarities include color, body shape & proportion, attitude of the legs, lack of feet, octagonal base, separate arms, and collection location. David Penney (DIA) has suggested that a paint analysis to see if the paint source is in fact identical.;See .1 this accession.
1878 – 1898
Wood, Paint
5 1/8" h
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Anishinabek: The People of this Place ()

Rutkowski, James H.