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Weapons ➔ 10 Spear Points And Lithics, 1500 Bc, Early Woodland, Kent County

These projectile points and flint chips are numbered individually. These projectile points and flint chips are of various sizes and colors. They range from 1/2 inch to 5 inches. They were assigned dates by amateur archaeologist Edmond Paul Gibson.;Mr. Veldman was born in 1912 in Grand Rapids. He grew up near Lamar Park in Wyoming. Mr. Veldman never dug in the Mounds; those things that he is donating were all surface finds. Some of the projectile points and flint chips he donated have numbers and descriptive information written on them. This was done by Edmond Paul Gibson, who was a member of the Wright L. Coffinberry Chapter of the Michigan Archaeological Society, local resident, and an amateur archaeologist. Gibson wrote the numbers on these points that were owned by Veldman, though I could not determine for what purpose. Gibson also made the attributions as to the age and cultures of the points now in our possession. Mr. Veldman believes that Mr. Gibson is now deceased.
Gift Of John Veldman
Veldman, John