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Ceremonial Artifacts
Books ➔ Hebrew Prayer Book, Tanakh, Jeremiah, Izaiah, Remes Family Archival Collection #141

Brown cardboard covered book written in Yiddish language. An oval medallion is embossed on the front cover. Opens and is read from right to left. The first ten pages have separated from the spine but are still held in by a string. Remaining paper pages are very brittle and brown.

This Hebrew Bible, called the Tanakh, was owned by William Remes' grandfather Joseph Remes, a Russian Jew born in Minsk in 1871 who immigrated to Grand Rapids in 1905 to get away from persecution in Russia. It was passed on through Joseph's family and donated to the Museum by his grandson William Remes. Joseph Remes worked as a foreman for American Seating and then started his own business, Remes Auto Parts, which was owned by the family for three generations. He helped other immigrants get jobs. 

This prayer book is indicative of the type of religious items many immigrants brought with them from their old homes to the new country. Many families kept bibles and other religious books from generation to generation because of their importance to the family's religious traditions.
Paper, Leather
8.75" h 5.75" w 1.5" d
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In Memory Of Grandfather Joseph Remes

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