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Firefighting ➔ Sprinkler Plug Tool Die

This die has molds for three sprinkler plug tools. They are situated in a row in the center of the die and are encased in and surrounded by a sheet of aluminum. The rectangular aluminum sheet has a protrusion on each short side that is cut with a two-and-a-half inch notch and four small circular holes.;This die was used to make tools used by Grand Rapids firefighters in their daily work.;This die was owned by the Grand Rapids Fire Department and used to make sprinkler plug tools.;The letters "G.R.F.D." are inscribed in top left corner of the die. The words "ACCURATE M P CO CHICAGO" are written in raised lettering an inch below. |
25" h 14" w 1" d
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Gift Of The Grand Rapids Fire Department

Accurate M P Co

Grand Rapids Fire Department
The Grand Rapids Fire Department was founded in 1849 after the Wendell residence on Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue burned down with nearly all its contents. Citizens approached the village council and demanded a fire brigade be established. That fall, Alert Fire Company Number 1 was established with twenty-eight members. 

Since 1849, the Grand Rapids Fire Department has grown to include eleven stations with 221 members across the city.