Decorated Gourd, Sudanese Immigration Archival Collection #137
Decorated Gourd, Sudanese Immigration Archival Collection #137

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Ceremonial Artifacts
World Cultures ➔ Decorated Gourd, Sudanese Immigration Archival Collection #137

Oblong, yellow-orange gourd, sawed in half vertically and hollowed out to form a small bowl. The outer surface is decorated with dark, inscribed and hatched patterns of crosses, stars, waves, checkered areas, diamonds, and triangles.

The gourd is a ceremonial item, used in Sudanese villages to wash the feet of a visitor as a welcoming sign and blessing.

The gourd was acquired by the donor, Gach Dedoch, from a village near the refugee camp he lived in in Sudan as a teenager. Mr. Dedoch treasured this gourd and its significance to his culture. He brought it with him when he immigrated to this country and hung it on the wall of his office as a symbol of his journey to the United States. At the time of donation, Gach Dedoch was a Bethany Christians Services case worker for Sudanese refugees to West Michigan.
1980 – 2000
3.8" h 8" w 6.3" d
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Gift Of Gach Dedoch

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Gach Dedoch