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Product Packaging
Transportation ➔ One Bottle Orange Blossom Water

Clear glass, molded bottle has a colored, printed label pasted to the center of the body of the bottle and a gold, metal and plastic cap and neckseal.The background of the lable has a photo reprint of a pasture scene, in the center is an arched area with the picture of an orange blossom. There is English and Arabic text over the entire label. The English read " Lebanon Valley/ Orange Blossom Water/ Net. Cont. 10 Fl. oz(300 ml). The back of the lable has a nutritional chart written in English. The bottle is filled with a light gold colored fluid. There is a paper price tag on the top of the cap that reads "Grocery 1.89";Orange blossomwater is popularly used in Arabic countries to settle childrens stomachs. It was purchased at a Middle Eastern grocery store in order to use it in the permanent "Newcomers" exhibit about ethnicity in Grand Rapids.;Purchased at the Middle EasternMarket at 2417 Eastern Ave. in Grand Rapids. This store, owned by Jordanian immigrant Emad Karaein, carries food, produce and meat for many different Arabic people.;Arabic countries, unlike the United States, do not rely on pharmacueticals for many minor ailments and sicknesses. Instead they use various herbs and spices. Orange blossom water is often given to children to help settle their stomachs.
2003 – 2004
Glass, Liquid
9" h
Current Location Status:
On Exhibit
Museum Purchase

Newcomers: The People of this Place (after 2008)
Tuts International

Middle Eastern Market
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