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Transportation ➔ One Box Maamoul, Date-filled Cookies

The front of the rectangular cardboard box has a photograph of four cookies and five dates against a lace background. Above the photo there is English and Arabic writing. The English reads: "Maamoul Date Filled Cookies." A tthe center top of the box is an orange panel with a green center that has English and Arabic writing. the English reads: "Halwani Bros." The box contains 12 date flled cookies. The back of the box has nutritional charts in both English and Arabic. There are also illustrations of seven different types of maamoul made by the company. The entire box is wrapped in clear cellophane.;Maamoul are date-filled cookies that are often eaten at the end of Ramadan. When the new moon arrives to signal the end of Ramadan, there is a large celebration called Eid ul-fitr. It is a time when the whole community, or family, comes together to rejoice and feast. Maamoul are considered one of the "staple" foods of Ramadan, much like pumpkin pie is to Thanksgiving in the U.S.;Purchased at the Middle eatern Market located at 2417 Eastern Ave. in Grand Rapids. It is owned by a Jordanian immigrant Emad Karaein, who grew up working in his father's grocery store in Jordan. Emad came to Grand Rapids in 1987 because one of his borthers was here. He studied at Grand Rapids Community College and worked at Hayworth for 12 years. After saving enough money, he open his store in 2001. One of the reasons Emad opened the store was to provide fresh produce, meats and fodds to the growing number of Arabic people moving into Grand Rapids.;Maamoul are date filled cookies that are usually kept for holidays, especially Ramadan. After a month of fasting during the days, the arrival of the new moon signals an end to Ramadan. A large feast called Eid ul-fitr follows. This is a time for the whole family or community to get together to rejoice and eat. Maamoul are often the first food that is eaten at a Eid ul-fitr celebration.
2003 – 2004
8.5" h 6" w 2" d
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Halwani Brothers Company Ltd

Middle Eastern Market