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This red bishop's confirmation miter has two peaked sides, one in front and one in back and has metallic threads throughout. The front of the miter displays a white dove and there is gold metallic trim throughout. The back features embroidered "tongues of fire" and there are two long tails attached to the bottom edge. This miter has an interior label that reads "SM Creation, Stadelmaier, Nijmegen, Holland" and another label that lists the materials as polyester and wool. There is a small tag with the initials K.B. which likely stands for Kevin Britt who was a coadjutor bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids. He passed away in 2004 and was succeeded by the donor, Walter A. Hurley. 

The miter is the liturgical headdress for the pope, cardinals, and bishops. The word comes from the Greek word Mitra, meaning "turban." The miter as it is known today developed from the 11th-century conical head-covering worn by the pope. The color red is the liturgical color for Pentecost. The dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit and the Tongues of Flames symbolize the Pentecost.
circa 2005
Polyester, Wool
28" h 12" w 9" d
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In Storage
Gift Of Walter A. Hurley

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Walter A. Hurley
Walter A. Hurley was born in 1937 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. He moved to the United States in 1955, settling in Detroit, MI. He is a prelate of the Roman Catholic Church, who served as the 22nd auxiliary bishop of Detroit and 11th bishop ordinary of the Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI. Hurley resigned in April 2013. 

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Kevin Britt
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