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Toys and Games ➔ Miniature Sewing Machine

This miniature operational Singer sewing machine was designed for use as a toy. It has a black base with a polished steel and chrome hand wheel, a cloth plate, and a thread pull-off. Green felt covers the underside of base. The writing and trademark are displayed in gold lettering and included with the machine is a "C" clamp for tabletop use, an instructional booklet, three needle packets, and a small metal wrench.

This sewing machine belonged to Dorothea Van Andel Vergeer and was given to her by her parents Professor Henry J. G. Van Andel and Cornelia Jansma Van Andel. It serves as a wonderful hands-on artifact for teaching about sewing, gender roles for women, and other aspects of late Victorian culture.
circa 1926
Steel, Iron, Felt
7"" h 3.5"" w 7"" d
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Education Program
In Honor Of Dorothea Anna Van Andel Vergeer
Singer Corporation
The Singer Corporation was founded in 1851 as the I.M. Singer & Company by Isaac Merritt Singer and Edward Clark. The company quickly became known for its sewing machines and changed its name to the Singer Manufacturing Company. The name changed again in 1963 to the Singer Company. They are one of the leading manufacturers of sewing machines. 

Van Andel, Phyllis

Dorothea Van Andel Vergeer
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