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Musical Instruments ➔ Anklung


The Angklung comes from West Java, Indonesia and played an important role in Sundanese rice planting and harvesting ceremonies. Each Angklung is created from two to four bamboo tubes which are attached to a horizontal bamboo rod at the bottom. The smaller the tube, the higher the pitch. When shaken in one hand the bamboo tubes slide back and forth producing a single musical note. Since each Angklung is designed to make one sound, musicians often use pairs or perform in groups to create a melody. Today, the Angklung is popular throughout Southeast Asia and is often taught in school music classes. On November 18th, 2010, this instrument became a UNESCO World Heritage Item, highlighting its role in Indonesia and beyond.  

1980 – 2000
Painted, Wood, Bamboo
26" h 13.25" w 3" d
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Education Program
Gift Of The Musee De La Civilisation

Discovery Kit: Music (October 14 2019)

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Virtual Discovery Kit: Music (April 2020)
Music is one of the first elements of culture that comes to mind. Music is found in all civilizations and has been for thousands of years. Use this collection to investigate a variety of musical instruments from around the world.
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