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Ceremonial Artifacts ➔ Wooden Creche And Original Box

Box is cardboard with green lettering. Creche is a single piece, assembled from several pieces of carved and painted wood. It depicts Mary and Joseph, baby Jesus in a manger, the Star of Bethlehem, and a stable canopy. This small creche is a typical carved souvenir from the Tyrolean region of Italy. It is designed to be used as a decoration by Christians on the occasion of Christmas which celebrates the birth of Jesus. 
1940 – 1970
Wood, Cardboard
1/4/1900" h 1/2/1900" w 4 34" d
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In Storage
Museum Collection

Virtual World Cultures Scavenger Hunt (August 2020)
“Culture” is a word that describes the ways of life shared by a
group of people. It has to do with how people live and includes things
such as music, art, religion language, clothing and more.This scavenger hunt
will introduce you to a few of the fascinating customs, beliefs and lifestyles
of people from diverse cultures in our communities and around the world.