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European ➔ Bracelet

This bracelet is made of square glass beads called millefiori. Millefiori glass is a type of mosaic glassware with flower-like patterns. It is made by first heating a bundle of thin glass rods of different colors until the rods melt together. The bundle is then pulled thin, cooled, and sliced into small disks. These disks are attached to glassware such as a vase or bowl which is then reheated and blown a second time. The resulting product is a brilliantly colored piece of glassware with an intricate, fade-resistant design. This technique was invented by the ancient Egyptians. Since the 1800s, the technique has been used to make paperweights, beads, and marbles.
Glass, Metal
0.5" h 6" w
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Education Program
Museum Collection

Discovery Kit: Jewelry (October 14 2019)

Discovery Kits include a variety of artifacts and specimens from the Museum’s Collection that allow students to investigate global and local objects. The Collections support the Museum’s mission of inspiring curiosity and discovery around science, history, and culture. Each kit includes objects from the Museums archives, helpful resources and suggested activities. Discovery Kits are a great way for teachers to incorporate primary source and object-based learning into the classroom or as a way to prepare for or extend a Museum visit.