Truck Model and Box
Truck Model and Box
Truck Model and Box
Truck Model and Box
Truck Model and Box
Truck Model and Box

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Truck Model and Box

This die-cast model is a replica of a 1916 Studebaker Truck used by VanWestenbrugge & Erb to haul groceries. It is painted black and is loaded with small crates of cheese and eggs. This model was produced for Gordon Food Service, a Grand Rapids Wholesale food distributor, to commemorate the company's history. VanWestenbrugge & Erb was the predecessor to Gordon Food Service and this truck represents a major local company and an industry that is important to the economy.

The Studebaker Corporation was formed in 1852 as a blacksmith shop by brothers Henry and Clement Studebaker in South Bend, Indiana. The company manufactured horse-drawn wagons for farmers, miners, westward settlers, and even the Civil War’s Union Army. Around the turn of the century, they began making automobiles, unleashing their first gas-powered vehicle in 1904, a two-cylinder, 16-horsepower touring car. By 1913, Studebaker was the third-largest producer of automobiles in America with all the required assembly happening in Detroit. 114 years later, Studebaker closed its production line on March 17, 1966, leaving a legacy of drivers clubs 15,000 fans strong, a national museum, and direction for the future cars of America.   

Die Cast Metal, Plastic, Rubber, Cardboard, Styrofoam
3.5" h 7.75" w 4.5" d
Current Location Status:
Education Program
In Honor Of The Employees Of Gordon Food Service

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