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Farming Tools ➔ Horseshoe Exhibit Display Case

Twenty-five horseshoes mounted in frame and covered with glass. The shoes were hand-forged about 1908 at Ada, Michigan by Fred W. Haskin. These were made for display only and not for use. The original accession card notes that these were identified by W. J. Precious of Lowell, Mich. on August 22, 1953. Following is an inventory as it appeared on the original accession card: First Row: 1. Double side weight, calk heel, 2. Side weight, calk heel, 3. Side weight, calk heel, 4. Side weight, calk heel, 5. Side weight, calk heel, 6. Three-quarter side weight, calk heel, 7. Calk heel racing shoe, 8. Mule shoe, calked. The shoe below and between numbers 5 and 7 is nothing (according to identification notes) Second Row: 1. Heel weight, calked, 2. Plain side weight, 3. Full roller motion, toe weight, 4. Plain bar plate, 5. Common plate, 6. Barred toe weight (plain), 7. Plain calk, Third Row: 1. Racing bar plate, 2 Rim steel, 3, Plain square toe, 4. Toe weight, plain, 5. Toe weight, calk heel, 6. Plain racing plate, 7. Plain racing plate, 8. Plain racing plate, 9. Ox shoes;The shoes were hand-forged about 1908 at Ada, Michigan by Fred W. Haskin, father of the donor.
circa 1908
Metal, Wood, Glass
50.5" h 29.5" w
Current Location Status:
In Storage
Gift Of Dale Haskin
Fred Haskin

Haskin, Dale