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Clothing and Accessories ➔ Shoes, Woman's Pumps

These shoes are black and silver in color. The heel and sole are black plastic. The whole outside of the shoe is covered in abstract patterns of thousands of tiny silver beads. The shoes have a closed toe and no straps. The interior lining is of black leather. The bags are plain cotton with a drawstring around the mouth.;These shoes were owned by the donor's mother;This donation came from the home of Dr. and Mrs. Dixon, the parent's of the donor's. They lived in East Grand Rapids from the early 1960s through 2008, the year of Mrs. Dixon's death. Most of the items in this donation reflect the fact that the Dixon's were in the upper middle class income bracket. Most of the items are of very good quality and often represent the brand name that was popular at that time the item was purchased. The pieces represent what would have been stylish at the time without being too avant garde or cutting edge.;1) The shoes and bags each have a white label with a picture of a shoe and text that reads "J. Renee." |
circa 1965
Leather, Beads, Plastic
6" h 3 | 6" w 11 | .5" d; 12" h
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On Exhibit
Gift Of Willis And Ruth Dixon
L is for Like (after 2011)
J Renee

Jeff Dixon