Piraya Piranha (Mount)
Piraya Piranha (Mount)
Piraya Piranha (Mount)
Piraya Piranha (Mount)
Piraya Piranha (Mount)

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Fish (osteichthyes) ➔ Piraya Piranha (Mount)

Pygocentrus piraya
A mounted souvenir piranha.  These fish are a common tourist souvenir in the Amazon Basin of South America where they are caught, dried, mounted, and offered for sale.

This object was part of the private collection gathered by local businessman and former Public Museum Board Member Steele Taylor. 
6" h 8" w 1.75" d
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In Storage
Gift Of Steele A. Taylor
L Is For Lyceum - Overlooked Animals (2016)
In the ancient world, the lyceum was where the greatest Greek philosophers taught. The concept of the lyceum was revived by American intellectuals in the 19th century who believed that public education was an important part of our democracy. Founded in 1854, the Grand Rapids Public Museum was originally named the Grand Rapids Lyceum of Natural History. In 2015 the Grand Rapids Public Museum School was founded with many community partners. The Museum School has developed its own version of the lyceum - an innovative after-school program that pairs local experts with middle school learners to exercise their minds and bodies by exploring an eclectic range of topics.

This changing exhibit was created by a class of lyceum students who designed the exhibit from start to finish, choosing the topic, selecting the artifacts and writing the text.

L is for Lyceum is one section of the interactive exhibit Collecting A to Z. This exhibit includes thousands of treasures from the GRPM’s Collections featured throughout the Museum.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt (April 2020)
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Steele A. Taylor
Steele Taylor is a New Jersey native and a World War II Navy veteran. In 1948, after earning a degree in economics from Williams College in Winston, Massachusetts, he accepted a job offer from Dohler-Jarvis in Grand Rapids. In 1960 he moved to Grand Rapids Steel and was part owner and president when he retired in 1985. He has served on many boards throughout his career, such as the Mary Free Bed Hospital, Aquinas Emeritus Center, various Hospice boards and former member and president of the Art and Museum Board. Steele and his wife Mary are consummate world travelers and their collection is a testament to their travels. Artifacts donated by Steele are exceptional resources, representing various regions of the world. He has also donated an extensive collection of pewter items to the Grand Rapids Public Museum. 
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